┬áMonitor Long Island and “Open Squelch” GroupMe Access form


  • What is GroupMe?

    • GroupMe is a free, multi-platform, group messaging application. It works on your computer, iOS, and Android Device.

  • Do I need to have a GroupMe account?

    • Yes. In order to join our groups, you will need an account with GroupMe. Accounts are free, and only take a few minutes to setup. You can create your account at https://app.groupme.com/signup or by installing their app on your iOS or Android device.

  • I have more questions about GroupMe. Where can I find the answers?

    • http://help.groupme.com/forums/390905-GroupMe-Basics

  • What is the “Monitor Long Island” and “Open Squelch” Group?

    • “Monitor Long Island” is a group within GroupMe created for the “Buff” community. Posts include accidents, working fires, and other types of announcements. Posts are primarily for Nassau and Suffolk Counties, but could include information for the NYC area as well as National Alerts. While the “Monitor Long Island” group is for active alerts, the “Open Squelch” community is for discussions and side talk.

  • Why should I join your groups?

    • There are many active groups for Long Island. Our group does not limit its members to those who are a “Member of Service”.

  • If I join the group and decide to leave, do I need to request access again?

    • No, once you are a part of “Monitor Long Island”, or “Open Squelch”, you can exit and enter the group at any time.

  • What are the rules?

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