Unication Software and Firmware

Posted on October 12th, 2014 October 12th, 2014 by Monitor Long Island, Inc.

All Monitor Long Island, Inc. customers can request the password for these files by using the Contact Form.

Anyone who has purchased a G1 pager through Monitor Long Island, Inc. may mail their pager to use and we’ll perform the firmware upgrade for free.  Simply pay for shipping to use and return shipping back to you.  Normal turn-around is one day.

For those who have not purchased a G1 through Monitor Long Island, Inc, and would like for use to upgrade your pager, there will be a $10 service fee on top of the shipping in both directions.


Anyone who already owns the programming interface may download and upgrade their pager at no cost.

Unication is pleased to provide the latest update to the G1 Device Software and Programming Software.  This is one of our more significant releases and includes many feature enhancements requested by yourselves and End Users along with several bug fixes. Unication will not require that G1s be updated to maintain their warranty, the choice to update is yours. This update Utility will work with all versions of G1 and the new Programming Software (R030701) is backwards compatible with previous versions of the Programming Software.


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