Monitor Long Island Road Map for 2017

Posted on March 7th, 2017 March 7th, 2017 by Monitor Long Island, Inc.

Monitor Long Island, Inc. runs several websites and is involved with projects during the year. H ere are our plans for 2017 broken out by website:

Key:  ☐ todo ☑ completed ☒ postponed

Let’s start with the first and main website of the business.  This site needs some updating and a little bit of work.  For this year we have planned the following updates:

☐ Add Support for a full online shopping cart
☐ Expand our product offering to include more accessories and a larger line of product
☐ Build a better site theme to present the above upgrads
☐ Allow for a full mobile theme for our mobile users

Part of the upgrades listed above will be a new portal dedicated to the Unication pager line.   This will include all of the Unication 1 way and voice pagers as well as all accessories.  This will run on it’s own dedicated shopping platform and it will allow us to give the Unication product more attention.  This has been a great line for us, and we are willing to add more focus on this great product.   So part of these updates will include:

☐ A dedicated shopping cart
☐ Full online check-out
☐ A better web site layout
☐ Better mobile access
☐ A dedicated newsletter to keep interested users up to date on the Unication Product line

Long Island Fire Photos is a great site for us.   This is a single portal for those looking for up to date photos from all of their favorite fire photographers.  There are over a dozen active photographers on the island that freelance, and we harvest their latest galleries and highlight them on

☑ Launch a weekly newsletter.  Grab a copy here!
☐Clean up the site Theme
☐ Complete our Working Fire Tracker (see preview)

By far, the biggest task for the year will concentrate around our site dedicated to the hobbyist.  We have a long list planned for the year, and it goes something like this:

☐ Remote Radio will be replaced. The PCR-1000 will be swapped with a BCD536HP

    • We are swapping for several reasons.  The Software for the PCR-Server hasn’t been updated in some time
    • We won’t need to rely on 3 pieces of software to serve the radio
    • BCD536HP supports Trunking, P25 Phase 2, and DMR
    • It has a familiar interface
    • Will support software (Windows) and have a Web Interface as well
    • Goal: Early 2017

☐Unitrunker exports

    • With the release of UniTrunker 2.x, updates to the website should become more frequent
    • I would like to see this be a daily or weekly update if possible
    • Goal: Mid 2017

☐ Replacement of the website

    • Swap e107 for Joomla setup
    • e107’s development has slowed through the years
    • Joomla is one of the more popular web platforms out there and is more advanced than e107
    • Forums will be updated and support features lacking in e107
    • Tapatalk integration for mobile devices
    • Dynamic web themes for Desktop / Tablet / Mobile devices
    • Goal: By end of 2017

The Joomla swap has begun.  This will take a while to complete and it is very involved.  The Joomla swap will bring many enhancements to the platform at, and should make for a better user experience.

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